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Unleash Your Potential with Our Master's Course in Data Science & AI

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In today's fast-paced business landscape, Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (AI) are not just buzzwords but transformative technologies reshaping how decisions are made and businesses operate. As AI continues to permeate various industries, the demand for skilled professionals in this field is skyrocketing, promising abundant career opportunities in the digital age.

The Power of Data Science & AI

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing businesses by enhancing productivity, automating processes, and delivering cost-effective, lifetime solutions. The digital transformation wave has ushered in an era where AI is not just an advantage but a necessity for staying competitive in the market.

Master's Course Overview

Our comprehensive Master's Course in Data Science & AI delves deep into advanced mathematical concepts including statistics, calculus, linear algebra, and probability. Designed to equip you with the skills needed to thrive in this dynamic field, our curriculum covers a wide array of topics, including:

  • Python Programming and Deployment
  • Data Mining & Machine Learning Techniques
  • Regression Analysis Methods
  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Neural Networks
  • NLP Libraries and OpenCV for Coding ML Algorithms
  • Advanced Neural Network Concepts: CNNs, RNNs, GANs, and more
Unlocking Career Opportunities

Data Science involves building data models to meet business objectives by analyzing, processing, and manipulating data sets, while AI focuses on imbuing machines with human-like intelligence to drive business outcomes. Our Master's Course in Data Science & AI is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to secure high-paying jobs in this burgeoning field.

Expanding Career Horizons

The demand for Data Scientists & AI Specialists spans across diverse industries, including Medicine, Space, Robotics, Automation, Marketing, Information Management, Military Activities, and beyond. With our Master's Course in Data Science & AI, you'll be poised to seize exciting career opportunities in these burgeoning fields.

Join Us and Shape the Future

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey into the realm of Data Science & AI? Join us at Livewire, Coimbatore and unlock your potential. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the field, our Master's Course offers the comprehensive training and support you need to thrive in the digital age. Enroll today and pave the way to a rewarding career in Data Science & AI!

Data Science & AI Training Modules

We’ve covered complete Data Science concepts including tools like Python, R Prog, R Studio, Keras, Jupyter, PyTorch, Tensorflow, Spyder, NumPy, Pandas, and Scipy in this module.

  • CRISP – DM - Project Management Methodology
  • Exploratory Data Analytics (EDA) / Descriptive Analytics
  • Statistical Data Business Intelligence and Data Visualization
  • Plots & Inferential Statistics
  • Probability Distributions (Continuous & Discrete)
  • Hypothesis Testing - The ‘4’ Must Know Hypothesis Tests
  • Data Mining Supervised Learning – Linear Regression, OLS
  • Predictive Modelling – Multiple Linear Regression
  • Lasso and Ridge Regressions
  • Logistic Regression – Binary Value Prediction, MLE
  • Multinomial Regression
  • Advanced Regression for Count Data
  • Machine Learning - k -NN Classifier
  • Decision Tree & Random Forest
  • Ensemble Techniques - Bagging and Boosting
  • Extreme Gradient Boosting (XGB)
  • Text Mining and Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Machine Learning Classifier Technique - Naive Bayes
  • Introduction to Perceptron and Multilayer Perceptron
  • Building Blocks of Neural Network - ANN
  • Deep Learning - CNN, RNN
  • Kernel Method - SVM
  • Data Mining Unsupervised Learning – Clustering
  • Data Mining Unsupervised Learning - Dimension Reduction (PCA)
  • Data Mining Unsupervised Learning - Association Rules
  • Recommendation Engine
  • Network Analytics
  • Survival Analytics
  • Forecasting/Time Series – Model-Driven Algorithms
  • Forecasting/Time Series - Data-Driven Algorithms
  • Auto Machine Learning (Auto ML)
  • Auto Machine Learning Tree-Based Pipeline Optimization Tool (AutoML TPOT)
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Deep learning
  • Python Libraries - TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, OpenCV
  • Machine Learning Primer
  • Mathematical Foundations
  • Deep Learning Primer
  • Perceptron Algorithm and Back Propagation Neural Network Algorithm
  • Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Multilayer Perceptron (MLP)
  • Convolution Neural Networks - CNN
  • Computer Vision - Self-Driving Cars (SDCs)
  • Recurrent Neural Network - RNN
  • CNN + RNN Variants, R-CNN & YOLO Models
  • LSTM & GRUs - Bidirectional & Deep Bidirectional
  • Transformers, BERT, GPT3 & Transformer Variants
  • Autoencoders, Variational Autoencoders, RBM
  • Deep Belief Networks (DBNs)
  • Generative Adversarial Networks - GAN
  • Super Resolution GAN
  • Reinforcement Learning and Q-learning
  • Speech Recognition
  • Automatic Text Generation and Chatbot
  • Auto Artificial intelligence (Auto AI)
  • Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI)
  • AutoKeras for Artificial Intelligence
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Get a certificate and showcase your dedication to your career. Utilize it to differentiate yourself in the industry, get acknowledged in the job market and boost your job profile value. This certificate is your ticket to a skyrocketing in your career.

Tools Covered
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Rajesh Shukla

Areas of expertise: Data sciences, Machine learning, Business intelligence and Data.
Over 20+ years of industry experience in data science and business intelligence

How We Prepare You for Success
  • Industry expert trainers
  • Dedicated doubt clarification sessions
  • Business-related course curriculum
  • Regular practical assignments
  • Certificate of Excellence upon course completion
  • Dedicated doubt clarification sessions
  • Kanmani


    Happy collected my certificate in Python. Good trainer and very friendly environment. Thank you all Cognitec.

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    Data Science

    I'm impressed . Excellent institution in Chennai, The trainers has cutting edge knowledge about data science and they are experienced. I recommend Cognitec for those are trying to upgrade their skills and those who are trying to change their streams into Data Science

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    Data Science

    I have joined data science course, the trainers were perfectly do their jobs , they conveying easily I could understand shortly and one of best centre I have ever seen.


Frequently Asked Question?

The Master's Course in Data Science & AI is an advanced program designed to provide participants with comprehensive knowledge and skills in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The course covers a wide range of topics, from data preprocessing and statistical analysis to deep learning and AI applications.

This course is ideal for professionals and graduates looking to advance their careers in data science, machine learning, and AI. It is suitable for data analysts, software developers, engineers, and anyone with a strong interest in data-driven technologies.

Participants will have access to our online forum where they can ask questions and interact with instructors and peers. Additionally, our instructors are available for one-on-one support during office hours.