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Diploma Course In Data Analytics

Enrolling in Cognitec's Data Analytics course provides access to a vibrant community of data analytics professionals and experts.

Data Analytics Certification in Coimbatore.

At Livewire, Coimbatore. We pride ourselves on being recognized as the best Data Analytics Certification provider in Chennai. Our comprehensive program equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the field of data analytics. We cover a range of advanced data processing and visualization tools, including Advanced Excel, SQL/NoSQL, Tableau, and Power BI.

Advanced Excel and SQL/NoSQL

Advanced Excel skills are crucial for efficiently handling data concepts and saving time. Our training includes mastering functions and techniques to manipulate and analyze data effectively. SQL/NoSQL tools are essential for processing stored data from database management software, covering data preparation, cleaning, analysis, and mining of both structured and unstructured data.

Python Programming

Python is a powerful programming language favored by giant organizations like NASA, Google, and IBM for developing production applications. Our certificate course in Core Python will advance your career game, covering object-oriented, structured, and functional programming concepts.


SQL empowers users in RDBMS to perform a variety of tasks, including creating databases/tables, accessing, describing, manipulating, and monitoring data access. NoSQL databases offer flexible schemas to scale huge datasets easily, catering to structured and semi-structured data, ideal for agile development and microservices applications.

Power BI and Tableau

Power BI and Tableau are indispensable tools for data visualization and business intelligence. Power BI transforms disparate data from various sources into visually immersive and interactive insights. Tableau excels in visualizing data trends, insights, and patterns from different resources, allowing easy sharing of extracted data through dynamic dashboards.

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Don't miss out on the opportunity to master Data Analytics and Python programming with Livewire, Coimbatore. Enroll in our certification program and unlock a world of opportunities in the rapidly evolving field of data analytics and technology.

Data Analytics Course Modules

We’ve covered complete data analytics concepts including tools like Tableau, PowerBI, and Advanced Excel along with queries like SQL & No SQL in this module.

  • Tableau - Data Visualization Introduction and Concepts
  • Tableau Introduction and Tableau Architecture
  • Exploring Data using Tableau
  • Python Introduction
  • Operators in Python
  • Data structures
  • Conditional Statements
  • Stackframe
  • Modules
  • Python Data Structures, Dictionaries & Sets
  • Python Packages for Analysing the Data
  • Python Packages
  • Advance Python Programming: Web Extraction and Serialization
  • Serialization pickling, XML & JSON
  • Logging
  • Transforming Data using Power BI Desktop
  • Data Cardinality and Data Modeling in Power BI Desktop
  • Introduction to DAX
  • Visualizing Your Data
  • Advance Visualization Visualizations
  • Power BI Dashboards
  • Organization Packs, Security - Working with Others
  • Excel - Statistical Analysis using Excel
  • Business Moments
  • Graphical Techniques using Excel
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Hypothesis Testing using Excel
  • Entering and Editing Text and Formulas
  • Woking with Basic Excel Functions
  • Formatting Data in an Excel Worksheet
  • Creating Basic Charts in excel
  • Excel Functions
  • Working with an Excel List
  • List Functions
  • Data Validation
  • Pivot Tables
  • Conditional Functions
  • Lookup Functions
  • Text-Based Functions
  • What-IF Tools
  • Understanding Why and How behind Excel Macros
  • VBA Variables and Operators
  • Automate Excel Formulas
  • Working with VBA Forms
  • SQL - What is Database
  • Types of Databases
  • DBMS Architecture
  • Normalisation & Denormalization
  • Install PostgreSQL
  • Install MySQL
  • Data Models
  • DBMS Language
  • ACID Properties in DBMS
  • What is SQL
  • SQL Data Types | SQL commands | SQL Operators | SQL Keys | SQL Joins
  • Subqueries with select, insert, update, delete statements
  • Views in SQL | SQL Set Operations and Types | SQL functions | SQL Triggers
  • Introduction to NoSQL Concepts
  • SQL vs NoSQL
  • Database connection SQL to Python
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Get a certified from Livewire, Coimbatore and Upskill your career. Utilize it to differentiate yourself in the industry, get acknowledged in the job market and boost your job profile value. This certificate is your ticket to a skyrocketing in your career.

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Areas of expertise: Data sciences, Machine learning, Business intelligence and Data
20+ years of industry experience in data science and business intelligence
Experienced in Cognos, Tableau, Big Data, NoSQL, NewSQL

How We Prepare You for Success
  • Industry expert trainers
  • Dedicated doubt clarification sessions
  • Business-related course curriculum
  • Regular practical assignments
  • Internship opportunities & Job Assistance
  • Certificate of Excellence upon course completion
  • Shivani Madhimaran

    Data Science

    The course content covers all the aspects required to become a Data Scientist. I got maximum knowledge on my course. The IIT trainers here are highly skilled and demonstrate each topic precisely. Thank you Cognitec Anna Nagar team for this best Data Science training

  • Lathika

    Data Science

    The structure of the course is very professional. It gives u the confidence that is required for the jobs n successful entry into data science world. Thank you so much Anna Nagar team for guiding me in placement point of view


Frequently Asked Question?

The Diploma Course in Data Analytics is a comprehensive program designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge required to analyze and interpret complex data. The course covers various topics including data manipulation, statistical analysis, data visualization, and machine learning.

Yes, participants will receive comprehensive course materials, including lecture slides, lab manuals, datasets, and access to software tools.

Participants should have a basic understanding of statistics and some familiarity with programming. Knowledge of Python or R is beneficial but not required, as the course will cover these topics.