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Best Web Designing Course in Coimbatore!

Understand the principles of creating an effective web page, including an in-depth consideration of information architecture. Become familiar with graphic design principles that relate to web design and learn how to implement theories into practice. Develop skills in analyzing the usability of a web site. Understand how to plan and conduct user research related to web usability. Learn the language of the web: HTML and CSS. Learn CSS grid layout and flexbox.Develop basic programming skills using Javascript and jQuery.

    Web Designing Course Syllabus

  • HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Alexa Ranking
  • Website Hosting
  • Mini Project

Upcoming Batches

Course On Webdesigning
10:00 am to 05:00 pm



Rajeshwari M

Who Can Enroll?

  • Students (School & College)
  • professionals not necessarily having any programming language
  • Good imagination, Creative knowledge

Web Designing Job Opportunities

  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • UI Designer / UX Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Flash Animator
  • Layout Designer
  • Front End Developer
  • Search Engine Optimization

Average Salary Per Annum By Experience




Less than 1 year




1-4 years




5-9 years




10-19 years

Source: Payscale

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Benfit Of Web Designing Course in Livewire Coimbatore


Internationally recognized Course Completion certificate

Course Completion certificate will be provided at the end of the program.


Deep Learning Module

DLM is a comprehensive Learning Management Tool provided to all LIVEWIRE customers.


Instructor-led training from an expert

Well skilled instructors for training programs.


Real Time Application training and hands-on practice

Students are trained to create new Real Time Applications.

Web Designing Frequently Asking Question

Learn Coding programs WebDesigning

Web design refers to the design of websites that are displayed on the internet.

Web designers plan, create and code internet sites and web pages, many of which combine text with sounds, pictures, graphics and video clips.

Learning web dev skills can lead you down many different career paths, including back-end and full-stack development.  

A well-designed website can help you form a good impression on your prospective customers

Along with CSS and HTML, JavaScript is one of the three core web programming languages. JavaScript is a scripting language.

The job outlook for Web Developers is very positive because Web Developers are in high demand across a variety of industries, and a worldwide gap in software and web development skills has most observers forecasting high demand well into the future.

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