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Best Java Course Training in Coimbatore

Computer Programming provides an environment that makes it easy to learn and create an application, that is either directly used by the system or by the real world users.Core Java programming teaches you that how to develop an application by using various logics. It also ensures that the development of your skills in Problem Solving, Debugging and Code optimization.

Advance Java is next level concept of Java Programming Course in Coimbatore . Advance Java Programming is a technology used for dynamic website creation, networking & database handling. Advanced Java/J2EE course teaches you working with advanced features of Java, JDBC technology, how to create your own web application, handle the error and exceptions etc. Still, Java is the #1 programming language in the job market.

    Java Certification Course Syllabus

JAVA Program for Beginers

  • Fundamentals of Java
  • Arrays and Decision constructs
  • OOPS Concepts
  • String Handling
  • Interfaces
  • Java Packages and Collections
  • Event Handling, Multi-Threading
  • Java Networking
  • File Handling and Database Management
  • Serialization and Deserialization in Java
  • Stream in Java


  • Introduction to SQL
  • JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)
  • HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), XML (Extensible Markup Language)
  • Servlet Programming
  • JSP (JavaServer Pages)
  • JavaScript
  • EJB (Enterprise JavaBeans)

Who Can Enroll?

  • All IT professionals
  • Professionals with or without a prior knowledge of C, C++ language.
  • software students (school & College)

Java Job opportunities


  • Java Developer & Lead Java Developer
  • Java Programmer
  • Java Tuner Developer
  • Android UI Designer & Android UI Developer
  • Software Engineer & Senior Software Engineer
  • Java Architect & Senior Java Architect
  • Java Technical Architect
  • Java Technical Manager
  • Java Development Manager
  • Java Project Manager


  • Java/J2EE Developer & Lead Java Developer
  • Java Programmer
  • Software Engineer & Senior Software Engineer
  • Java Architect
  • Java Technical Architect & Senior Java Architect
  • Java Technical Manager
  • Java Development Manager
  • Java Project Manager

Average Salary Per Annum By Experience




Less than 1 year




1-4 years




5-9 years




10-19 years

Source: Payscale

Upcoming Batches

Java Programming
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Java Programming
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Java Frequently Asking Question

Learn Coding programs Java

The main reason for this is because it is safe, portable, maintainable and comes with better high-level concurrency tools than C++ or any other language.

  • Software Development
  • Gaming
  • Web Development
  • App Development
  • Automation testing

  • Java is Simple
  • Java is an Object-Oriented Programming Language
  • Java is a Secure Language
  • Java is cheap and economical to maintain
  • Java is platform-independent
  • Java is a High-Level Programming Language
  • Java supports portability feature
  • Java Provides Automatic Garbage Collection
  • Java supports Multithreading
  • Java is stable
  • Java is a distributed language
  • Java provides an efficient memory allocation strategy
  • Massive Community Support

Java API makes Java versatile

Java API provides programmers with thousands of classes and about 50 keywords to work with. It also allows programmers to use coding methods that run to tens of thousands.

  • Standard Edition (Java SE) Java Platform
  • Enterprise Edition (Java EE) Java Platform
  • Micro Edition (Java ME)

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Benefits Of Java Course in Livewire Coimbatore


Internationally recognized Course Completion certificate

Course Completion certificate will be provided at the end of the program.


Deep Learning Module

DLM is a comprehensive Learning Management Tool provided to all LIVEWIRE customers.


Instructor-led training from an expert

Well skilled instructors for training programs.


Real Time Application training and hands-on practice

Students are trained to create new Real Time Applications.


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